Addiction Studio
Where addiction is a good thing...
Welcome to Addiction Studio

We have been in business for over 25 years and have served New England with some of the finest body art and piercings to ever see skin. We're now located at 15 Jewitt City Rd, RT 12 in Taftville, Connecticut which is just minutes from the Indian Casinos. Our studio has been featured on the Discovery Channel, and we're always at local shows. Please take a few moments to browse and view our portfolio.

  • We have added many new photos to our Portfolio, check out some of our latest body art and before and after shots of our work. Also, check out the pictures from Los Angeles too!

  • We have expanded and moved! Come check out our brand new location!

  • Our own Timmy Miceli became part of body art history when he was 1 of 400 people to be tattooed by "Kat Von D" in a 24 hour period. While in Los Angeles, Timmy was asked to help at her studio "High Voltage" and worked side by side with the crew from "L.A. Ink".